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We have raised $35,836 towards our goal of $2,750,000
Team Awards
  • 2016 Pinnacle Fund Raising Team ($100K+)
  • 2015 Pinnacle Fund Raising Team ($100K+)
  • 2014 Pinnacle Fund Raising Team ($100K+)
  • 2013 Pinnacle Fund Raising Team ($100K+)
  • 2012 Pinnacle Fund Raising Team ($100K+)
  • 2011 Pinnacle Fund Raising Team ($100K+)
  • 2010 Pinnacle Fund Raising Team ($100K+)
  • 2009 Summit Fund Raising Team ($50K+)
  • 2008 Super Star Fund Raising Team ($25K+)
  • 2004 Top Rookie Team

Welcome to the official Team Velox Rota (TVR) website!

We're back for the 2016 cycling season with even more ambitious goals and all we need is YOU to make those dreams come true! Our team has been around since 2005 and was formed with the purpose of participating in the Cape Cod Getaway, a 150-mile charity bike ride put on by the Central New England Chapter of the National MS Society, but in 2016 we'll branch out and work to have riders in every event in the New England Cycling Series! Let's have TVR Jerseys dominate every event to show our broad reach.

Way back in 2005, our first team consisted of 18 people and raised $12K. In the years since then, we've grown into the largest Friends and Family team in New England and this year we will grow again! Our goal is to field a team of at least 200 cyclists at the starting line of the CCG with a goal of bringing a minimum of $250,000 to the cause so jump on the train now! To date, our cyclists have brought over $725,000 to the fight against this horrible disease and we're just getting started! How big of a team can we take to each of the events in New England?

The heart and soul of TVR is our riders and that core is made up of a fantastic group of social, passionate people united through common threads of fitness, helping others, and partying. That makes this team a great place to meet new people and contribute to something bigger than each of us as individuals.

Riding 150 miles over 2 days is not nearly as difficult as confronting a lifetime with Multiple Sclerosis, but with your help, we will move closer to a world without MS with each mile pedaled.

If you are signed up for the 2016 team, THANK YOU for accepting this challenge! If you are donating to one of our cyclists, we cannot do it without you and every single dollar helps us get closer to the day when no one will ever again hear the words, “You have MS”.

If you are interested in joining the team to represent at any of the MS Cycling Series rides in 2016, email me with any questions or concerns at